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Ocean Shore

Primary logo of the Massillon Visionaries

Bay Leaf

CMYK: 51, 24, 40, 1
RGB: 132, 164, 154
HEX: #84a49a

Albescent Yellow

CMYK: 4, 10, 18, 0
RGB: 242, 225, 206
HEX: #f2e1ce

Ash Gray

CMYK: 3, 7, 13, 25
RGB: 192, 184, 174
HEX: #c0b8ae


CMYK: 4, 2, 2, 0
RGB: 241, 243, 244
HEX: #f1f3f4


CMYK: 38, 55, 77, 21
RGB: 139, 103, 68
HEX: #8b6744

Type Study for the Ocean Shore Application: Parisine Plus Std Clair Bold
Type Study for the Ocean Shore Application: Parkside Bold

Project Statement

Ocean Shore, located outside of Seattle, WA, is a cherished amusement park delivering family fun to visitors of all ages for five decades. The application contains a complete icon design, logotype creation, interface development, and user testing. Beginning with the initial phase of thumbnail sketches to conceptualize icons, a logotype and wireframes quickly developed. User testing was crucial in refining these elements, ensuring their effectiveness and user-friendliness.

The application’s visual identity draws from a color palette of white, yellow, green, and two shades of brown, evoking the ocean and resonating with family, rejuvenation, and warmth, while two complementary typefaces, Parisine Plus Std Clair (sans serif) and Parkside (script), balance hierarchy within the interface.

The Ocean Shore imagery features a blend of seaside eateries, thrilling roller coasters, and scenes of couples and families enjoying their day at the park.

Twelve interactive screens make up the Ocean Shore interface, designed to provide a delightful user experience and real-time data, showcasing features such as coaster wait times and restaurant ticket purchases, and a set of icons aids navigation and interaction.



Thumbnails of Ocean Shore logotype

Initial sketches for the Ocean Shore Application

Ocean Shore Logotype

Full Lockup Color

Former primary logo of the Massillon Visionaries

Full Lockup Inverse

Former primary logo of the Massillon Visionaries

Full Lockup Black

Application Icons

Application Wireframe

Ocean Shore Wireframe
Created with Adobe® XD


Ocean Shore Application
Created with Marvel

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Ocean Shore Application Process Book

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Ocean Shore

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